Fringe Events

Beer & Food Matching

Jeff Rosenmeler and Mattias Sjoberg
Enjoy beer and food together? I would never have believed it...... Take someone with a life-long aversion to beer, a delayed flight and a dose of jet-lag and you do not have the ideal set of circumstances for enjoyment of the OWC Craft Beer and... read more

Wine Faults

Michael Palij MW
The first Fringe Event of the 2012-2013 club season was a session on Wine Faults held at Oxford Brookes Restaurant on 5 November. Our President Michael Palij MW, supported by near-MW Baz Dick (winemaker and Sainsbury’s point man for grower... read more

Cocktails Master Class

Michael Palij MW and Warren Lindsay
The first Oxford Wine Club ‘fringe’ event was a very convivial evening held at Oxford Brookes Restaurant. The Master Class was led by Warren Lindsay, a Mixologist (yes, that's what they're called!) and our very own Michael Palij. Michael... read more