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Call my (Wine) Bluff!

Our Call My Bluff tastings haven’t been running quite as long as I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue but they generate a nearly equivalent charge of wit, ingenuity and fabulous stories (in every sense of the word) from our Three Bluffers: Richard Bampfield MW, Michael Palij MW and Jonathan Pedley MW. Not only that but this occasion was graced with our very own ‘Samantha’ totting up the scores…

Jonathan, unshaven since the start of lockdown sported a remarkable ‘yeard’ that reminded members of a rather mischievous Old Testament prophet. Richard, with Stellenbosch (twinned with Basingstoke – not) as his backdrop was his usual elegantly charming self, while Michael, as always, brought authority, gravitas and far-flung travels to the party.

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‘Bulles de Luxe’

Blind tasting the best of Grande Marque champagne and sparkling wine

On 19 October 2017, Michael Palij MW hosted a remarkable (and possibly unrepeatable) tasting even by his own spectacular standards at the Cherwell Boathouse. ‘Bulles de Luxe’ was a blind tasting of 24 champagnes and sparkling wines, ranging from a £5 Aldi Prosecco to £150 wines from the very top producers. Think Cristal from Louis Roederer, Dom Pérignon from Moët and Chandon, La Grande Dame from Veuve Clicquot.

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Call My Bluff - The Return

Richard Bampfield MW, Michael Palij MW & Jonathan Pedley MW

The Oxford Wine Club tasting on 21 January was an evening of bluff and double-bluff. Jonathan Pedley's insistence that (practically) all the wines we tasted were from Morrison's had to be weighed against Michael Palij's assertion that they were (practically) all from his own cellar or those of his most illustrious wine-maker friends, whilst Richard Bampfield played the trust me I'm a trustworthy chap game (to great effect).                                 

Yes, it was round 3 of the Club's occasional Call My Bluff evenings. As always there were tricky decisions to be made. Do you put your faith in psychology or in tasting skills? Do you put your trust in your own tasting skills or do you rely the (apparently) most trustworthy panellist or the less trustworthy?

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Pedro Ximenez: Wine Legend Come to Life

Michael Palij MW & Antonio Sorgato

It was the year that saw the first non-stop flight from London to Paris, the year that saw the launch of the Titanic – and the end of the last Chinese Imperial Dynasty. It was 1911 and now 33 members of the Oxford Wine Club can say they’ve drunk wine over 100 years old. We owed this extraordinary opportunity to Michael Palij MW and to Antonio Sorgato of Toro Albalá.

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Legendary Red Burgundy

Michael Palij MW
It was Lent, it was a traditional time for abstinence. But it was also the day of a Michael Palij MW tasting. And this tasting was certainly not for those who had vowed to give up alcohol until Easter! For his riposte to Jasper Morris MW’s brilliant ... read more

Undiscovered Italy

Michael Palij MW
Galloping through uncharted territory with Michael – and his Italian stallions Once again OWC members gathered at Lady Margaret Hall for the second consecutive tasting of the season to be led by Club President Michael Palij. Michael guided us... read more

Exploring Argentina

Michael Palij MW
‘The Full Monty’ Stepping in at short notice to take over a tasting requires skill, nerve and a depth and outstanding breadth of knowledge. When we were let down by our original speaker – the first time in the Club’s history this has happened at... read more

Call my Bluff

Michael Palij MW, Jonathan Pedley MW, Jasper Morris MW
The view from the back row - June 10th 2010 It does not seem so long ago – or perhaps it is just because I am getting old – but, incredibly, it was in December 2005 that the OWC last held a ‘Call my Bluff’ evening. On that occasion, Club... read more