Introducing the Loire

Richard Kelley MW
Introducing Richard Richard has been a Loire convert since first drinking a Gaston Huet Vouvray in 1981. The experience of this wine drove him to convert from chef to MW and he brought his knowledge of the Loire first to Richard Walford and now... read more

Spanish Wine

Charles Metcalfe
1. Freixenet Elyssia Gran Cuvée Cava, Waitrose £14.99. 11.5% ABV Members attending the AGM and Tasting were greeted with a glass of Cava. This sparkling wine from Penedes is made by the traditional method. Blended from Chardonnay harvested in early ... read more

Classic and Cutting Edge wines from Australia

Sarah Ahmed: ‘The Wine Detective’
Former lawyer turned free-lance wine writer, Sarah Ahmed, introduced 10 wines to club members this evening. Now known as the ‘wine detective’,[1] Sarah encouraged us to look at the ‘clues in the glass’ throughout the evening. With the intention of... read more

The Wine Society's Exhibition Range

Ewan Murray
Members welcomed Ewan Murray, outgoing Events and Tastings Manager at the Wine Society (he is moving into a new PR role with the Company) on his first visit to the Club. Ewan began with a brief history of the Wine Society, which was founded... read more

Sangiovese versus Nebbiolo

Jonathan Pedley MW
The shade of Silvio Berlusconi hung over the OWC tasting on 24th January, when Jonathan Pedley MW, channelling the spirit of Il Cavaliere, gave us a typically wise and witty look at two great grapes. The last ‘Big Match’ was Cabernet Sauvignon... read more

Authentic Wines

Dr Jamie Goode
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – or on the palate as the case might be. Jamie Goode’s fascinating tasting on 20th November was a case in point. “An utterly enthralling tasting – even though I didn’t much care for the wines”. That was the... read more

Bordeaux Cru Bourgeois

Stephen Brook
Members welcomed Stephen Brook – journalist, writer and wine educator – on his first visit to the Club. Stephen is the author of several authoritative books about wine, the most recent being The Complete Bordeaux. This is a fully revised and updated ... read more

The World of Sparkling Wine

Richard Bampfield MW
Richard Bampfield’s Fantastic Fizz-Olympics! A volley of Champagne and other sparkling wine corks marked the opening of the Club’s 2012-2013 season. Richard Bampfield MW, a star of the Club’s ‘Call my Bluff’ event in 2011, was back to kick off ... read more

The Taste of Portugal

Richard Mayson
Members welcomed Wine Writer and Portuguese expert Richard Mayson on his first visit to the Club. He claimed to be jetlagged, but there was no sign of this in a sparkling and fascinating Tasting. Richard fell in love with wine (and Portuguese wine... read more

South African Wines

Richard Kelley MW
An Insider’s Perspective On this, his third visit to the OWC, Richard Kelley brought with him not only some warm and sunny weather but also his alter ego, Rick, The Wine Liberator (see A resident of South Africa from... read more
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