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Jonathan Pedley MW on the Spanish Revolution

(in wines, that is…)

Close on the heels of every MW’s ultimate boondoggle, the International Symposium (hosted in Logroño, Rioja), comes a tasting to explore all that is new in Spanish wine. Is there a new Revolution? Let’s see.

The evening started rather later than planned due to an unthoughtful lorry overturning and massively delaying the arrival of our speaker for the evening. Perhaps more importantly he had the wines…

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Pedro Ximenez: Wine Legend Come to Life

Michael Palij MW & Antonio Sorgato

It was the year that saw the first non-stop flight from London to Paris, the year that saw the launch of the Titanic – and the end of the last Chinese Imperial Dynasty. It was 1911 and now 33 members of the Oxford Wine Club can say they’ve drunk wine over 100 years old. We owed this extraordinary opportunity to Michael Palij MW and to Antonio Sorgato of Toro Albalá.

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